User Data Deletion

The "Delete Account" section in Real Fantasy Teams (RFT) user profiles enhances data control. RFT app aids account creation, allowing deletion requests. A 24-hour privacy-centric process permits request cancellation. Note that account deletion is final and data erasure is irreversible post-24 hours. RFT prioritizes data security, user experience, and privacy compliance, evident through our "Delete Account" feature.

  • Open your app go to your profile options by clicking on the top left avatar.
  • There you will see an option "DELETE ACCOUNT" at the bottom of the page click on it.
  • It will prompt you a confirmation dialog click on "Yes" or "No" as per your needs.
  • You will see a message at the top of the page "Your account will be deleted in 24 hours" if you see this message you have successfully raised a delete requestPlease email us at if you want to cancel the account deletion process before the 7day processing period.
Step 1